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Are you interested in updating or renovating your home or office? 

Maybe you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation? 

Or perhaps you’d like to convert your attic or garage into a mother-in-law apartment? Or build a barn or a shed?

Sprucing up your home or business and/or making it more functional provides instant rewards and often also adds value! 

Let’s talk and then turn your ideas into reality!


Do you love working on your own home projects but want a little extra help with labor or planning?  

Are you an aspiring Do-It-Yourself guru looking for some tips for getting started?

Maybe you just bought a house and want to prioritize projects and budgeting.

Or perhaps you’re taking on a Pinterest challenge and need some tips or assistance.

Making things is fun! Let’s work on your projects together!


If you own a home, then you know that there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done! 

The list of possible home repairs or improvements is extensive. 

My construction background is primarily carpentry, but while renovating my own properties I learned how to repair just about everything!

So stop worrying about your to-do list and let me take care of it for you! 

From squeaky doors to building gardens, let’s get caught up on your home repair and improvements today with an expert handyman!

My Name is John-Paul and I'm Here to Help You Complete Your Projects

What i'm All About

I LOVE houses.

I’ve built them, renovated them, repaired them, studied them in architecture school, and keep up-to-date on current building science and best practices. 

For me, healthy beautifully built and designed spaces simply make me smile, and my goal is for you to smile about your house too – after all, a home is where life happens!

So let’s make your house a healthy home by making it perfect for you and taking care of it together! After all, EVERY house both new and old has maintenance it needs,  updates it requires, or remodeling to be done to suit your own changing life and desires. 

So whether you’re looking to renovate, update, or repair in your house, let’s get started on it today!


What a fantastic carpenter! We have an old house with a long list of projects. John Paul fixed a few doors and our entry steps and also renovated our bathroom. The projects went great! Attention to detail was superb and masterful, and he was a great guy to have around our house and family while the work was being done. The final results were beyond my expectations, and we couldn't have expected a better outcome. We are hiring him again for our next project!
Kate Giroux
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